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Leo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, most recently focusing on technology coverage for radio, television, and the Internet.

Currently Leo hosts a national radio technology talk show on the 1310 WDTW AM every Sunday from 2pm-5pm, and Call for Help, a daily hour-long television show produced in Toronto and aired in Canada on G4TechTV, and Australia on the HOW-TO Channel. He also appears regularly on many television and radio programs including Live with Regis and Kelly.

He hosts and produces some of the most popular podcasts in the world including this WEEK in TECH, Security Now!, Inside the Net, The Daily Giz Wiz, and FLOSS Weekly under the TWiT.tv banner.

He also continues to write. He has a book imprint with Que Publishing. Leoville Press titles for 2006 include Leo Laporte’s 2006 Technology Almanac, Leo Laporte’s 2006 Gadget Guide, Leo Laporte’s Guide to OS X Tiger, and Leo Laporte’s PC Help Desk.

Laporte has written software for CP/M, Macintosh, and PC compatible computers including the popular open source programs, QDial and MacArc for the Macintosh. From 1985 to 1988, he operated one of the first Macintosh-only computer bulletin board systems, MacQueue.

Visit Leo Laporte on the web at www.leoville.com

A radio show On CKLW AM800 Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM



Kim Komando was named one of the most influential talkradio hosts in America in 1998 by the industry journal, Talkers Magazine. And it's pretty easy to understand why. The Kim Komando Show is the most successful talkradio radio show about computers and the Internet as well as the longest-running show, too! The Kim Komando Show is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations airing on legendary stations such as KLSX Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, KIRO Seattle, KFYI Phoenix, WIBC Indianapolis, WCNN Atlanta, and more. The program is also heard across Canada and Australia.


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