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If you have an item that you would like to sell, then send me the info and I'll put it up on this page. You must send me... the name and description of the item, a picture if you have one, the asking price and your e-mail address. A phone number is optional. All questions pertaining the sale item must be to the seller.

Items listed for sale must be owned by the club member or immediate family member. If this page becomes too busy, then items will be limited to a computer nature, but for now, anything goes!

E-mail me at webeditor@wpcug.com

Items To Sell

Item  Picture  Description  Price  Seller/E-mail 
Road Knight
Tent Trailer
Lightweight camper, weighs only 700 lbs.
Can be towed with nearly any vehicle. Personally used with Honda Civic and Mini Van.
Canvas in excellent condition, was replaced after I bought the camper.

Call 519-736-6868


best offer

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Bob's Boot and Shoe Repair

 I will design your web site to your specs. complete with text, graphics and any forms you require. I designed this site for WPCUG and others that I also maintain. Any picture that you would like to include will be scanned at no additional charge.
 A single web page $30 
Multiple page sites.. 
$25 for each extra page.
 Bob Pajot 

Wanted To Buy

Item  Picture  Description  Price  Buyer/E-mail