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November 2000 TXT
This Issue Composed by Shawn Kwaitkow
February 2000 TXT
January 2000 TXT
First Edition For The New Millennium
November 1999 TXT
This Is The Last TXT Of The Millennium
The TXT Is Not Usually Published In December
October 1999 TXT
September 1999 TXT
Our Welcome Back From Summer Edition
The TXT Is Not Published During July & August
June 1999 TXT
May 1999 TXT
Since there was no April TXT this issue has extra pages.
March 1999 TXT
February 1999 TXT
January 1999 TXT
There Was No Dec 1998 TXT 
Due to the Holidays
November 1998 TXT
October 1998 TXT
There Are No June, July, Aug, or Sept 1998 TXT 
As we were without a permanent Editor
May 1998 TXT
April 1998 TXT
March 1998 TXT
February 1998 TXT