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If your computer ever gives you a hard time, (like that would ever happen) or if you can't get the software installed properly, or if you just have to get your system "tweaked" a bit, here is the guy you're looking for. Contact our own Computer Club M.D.

Larry Ruston has offered to share some of his expertise in dealing with those annoying little glitches that eventually attack everyone's system.

In order to get this help into motion please click on the Computer Help Icon which will start up an e-mail to Larry. In the e-mail text please be sure to include the following information.

  1. Computer Type 386, 486, Pentium etc.
  2. Speed of computer 33Mhz, 66Mhz, 100Mhz, 200Mhz etc.
  3. Amount of memory 2 Meg, 4M, 8M, 16M, 32M etc.
  4. Hard Drive size, less than 100Meg, 100-500Meg, 500Meg-1Gig, Greater than 1 Gig. etc.
  5. Peripherals ex. svga monitor, 28.8 modem, Plustek scanner etc.
  6. A description of the problem you are encountering.
  7. Any error messages which are displayed.
  8. Be sure that your return e-mail address is included.
  9. Also include your name and phone number
To try to solve the problem  yourself  here are a couple of Repair / Fix it Sites

Electronics Repairs This Site has more then Computers(VCRs Faxs TVs ETC.)
Dick Perrons Hardware Page
The PC Guide

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