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WPCUG Executive Positions

Club Member Name Phone E-Mail Position Held
Michael Celotto
Club President
Bob Hedrick
Vice President
Ron Hesman 
Secretary/Membership Officer
Scott Turner
Club Treasurer
Michael Celotto
Web Page Editor
Bob Pajot 
Special Contributor
Special Contributor
Larry Ruston
Past President

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WPCUG Members E-Mail & Site Addresses

Club Member Name Phone E-Mail Site Address
WPCUG information@wpcug.com http://www.wpcug.com
Bach, Con  conbach1@cogeco.ca
Basyte, Rudy  saint@mnsi.net  
Belanger, Art D  belanger@mnsi.net  
Boyle, Dorothy & Bert  boyledr@3web.net  
Calleja, Manuel mcalleja3@cogeco.ca  
Celotto, Michael  mcelotto@cogeco.ca http://www.celotto.net
Cote, Fernand fcotetec@sympatico.ca  
Cunningham, Janine j2cunning@cogeco.ca
Curran, Sandra_&_Walter cusandra@mnsi.net
Durnin, Robert  rdurnin@mnsi.net  
Finch, Albert ALF2@daimlerchrysler.com  
Fox, Charlie  foxvideo@wincom.net  
Halfper, Dick  richhalf@wincom.net  
Harris, Roy  engineering@cavaliertool.com  
Hedrick, Bob rhedrick@sympatico.ca
Henderson, Alan alan_henderson@sympatico.ca
Hesman, Ron  rohesman@wincom.net  
Hoffman, David  hoffman-d@rocketmail.com  
Humphrey, William  brabhum@sympatico.ca  
Hutchinson, Jim  hutch309@aol.com
Kwaitkow, Shawn kwaitko@hotmail.com
LaDouceur L.S. lladouc@cogeco.ca
LaRue, Jackie  time4tea@wincom.net
Leal, Bill  bleal@wincom.net  
Lemire, Stephen  slemire@ciaccess.com  
Marcotte, David  marcotte100@sympatico.ca
Marcotte, Jerome Jerome.marcotte028@sympatico.ca  
Marcotte, Philip  pmarcotte@cogeco.ca
Mayville, David W  mayville@netcore.ca  
Micsinszki, Margaret  margie@sympatico.ca  
Millar, Doug dmillar10@cogeco.ca  
Molyneaux, Clifton  clifton.molyneaux@sympatico.ca  
Pajot, Bob  rdpajot@netcore.ca http://www.netcore.ca/~rdpajot/
Pajot, Bob  rdpajot@netcore.ca http://www.netcore.ca/~rdpajot/
Pasqualitto, Robert rob.lis@sympatico.ca  
Robinet, Patrick  parobi@netcore.ca  
Ruston, Larry  lruston@wincom.net
Ruston, Larry  rustonpc@wincom.net http://www.wincom.net /~rustonpc/
Ruston, Larry  rustonpc@windsor.igs.net  
Shuttleworth, Tom  tomshuttleworth@hotmail.com  
Sweet, Robert  rsweet@wincom.net  
Talbot, Norm  normtalbot@windsorhouses.com http://www.windsorhouses.com
Turner, Scott  tunerscott@mdirect.net
VanMackelberg,_Gerry  archy@netcore.ca  
Walker, George  gbwalker@mnsi.net  
Wallace, Jack  wallacejm@sympatico.ca  
Weidinger, Ted W. weidingertw@sympatico.ca  
White, Paul  lpw@mnsi.net
Wood, Elvin  ewood@mnsi.net

This page is a listing of e-mail addresses for current and some past members of WPCUG. If anyone objects to having their address posted here, or if you would like yours added to this list, just notify me and I will make the change.

Bob Pajot,  Special Contributor

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