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March 15th

At our March 15th meeting, we decided to abandon our usual computer meeting format and have a bit of fun. We got to see the new Wii by Nintendo. The Wii is a pretty incredible video game system. What makes it so incredible is the revolutionary control system. The Wii-mote (nick named by game players) is a baton which you hold in your hand, it has an infrared sensor as well as bluetooth. Rather than me try to fuddle my way to explain the truly innovative system I have found a video on YouTube that will answer any questions.

February 15th

At our February 15th meeting, I presented a program I created called Toolbox. This program is a system utility which has all of the windows XP "utilities, and wizards" in one place. By running this program it brings up a dialog box with all the windows functions on easy to use tabs. This program was made with Microsoft Visual Basic .net, it requires Windows XP and Microsoft .Net 2.0 . Please try the program out and if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement please let me know.


Nov 16th & Jan 18th

At our last two meetings, I showed off the new operating system from Microsoft called Vista. This operating system has been 5 years in the making and has been tested by users for the past two years. This operating system is not an update to Windows XP, but an brand new started from scratch operating system. There are many changed from the interface which Microsoft called Areo, to a new security interface called the User Account Control (UAC). Microsoft has added Speech Recognition to Vista, after a considerable amount of training, I think it would work, but with the cheap dollar star microphone and the little training I gave my computer it wasn't something to write home about. When I asked my computer to open the program Note Pad, my computers response was "NO PAT", which could be one of two things, either my computer couldn't understand me. OR (this is the one I'm gong with.. Our resident Linux Guru Pat was in attendance and my computer just didn't want Pat there, by the end of the meeting, my computer had a change of heart and wanted Pat to stay). The Wikipedia has an excellent article on the new features and whatnot of Windows Vista. Now the version of Vista I was using is called RC2, which is the 2nd test release of Vista. The street date for the OS is January 30th 2007. It will be available in 6 different version depending on what you wish to do. 11 if you count the upgrade versions (1 version is Enterprise Edition with no update to it). Prices range from $259 for Home Basic up to $499 for Vista Ultimate. Below are screenshots of the different things Vista offers. Please make sure your pop up blocker is turned off and click away. For a TON of information on Vista visit with Wikipedia Page.
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